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Gunung Leuser Trek
We want to present the hidden beauties and pearls of Aceh to international tourists. Since there are best diving places on Pulau Weh, pristine beaches along the west-coast of Aceh, volcanoes to climb, rich biodiversity in the forests as well as in mammals as in birds, insects, reptiles. Several entrepreneurs started again tourism after the peacekeeping treatment among the conflict parties by reactivating the diving on Pulau Weh. We see a good chance in attracting people to the pristine rainforests of Gunung Leuser Eco System, to help preserving this paradise. By bringing tourists to the area, the local Gayo people gain income and they support preserving nature and protect it against poachers and loggers. Therefore we try to offer sustainable Eco-tourism facilities in Gayo Lues. On the other hand the project will be accompanied by training farmers to plant and harvest coffee Arabica in organic and rainforest standards. The area is dedicated for such a project. Preserving pristine jungle and marketing high quality coffee will be our aim.

Our lodge is managed by European management and run by local Gayo staff according to high level standards.
Hiking up to one day is moderate, trails and trekking longer than one day are difficult pathes and demanding.

Trails from half day up to 3 days we call “Trekking”. On these trekking-trails we explore the surroundings around our lodges in a circumference up to 30km. Usually Orang-Utan, Gibbon, Siamang, Maquaqes, small mammals, reptiles, butterflies, many kinds of birds (eagles, hornbills, kingfishers, pheasants, parrots) can be seen frequently. Orchids and rare flowers like the giant Rafflesia, Amorphophallus (largest flower in the world) and pitcher plants are very common.

Jungle river valleys and waterfalls are also beautiful objects and trekking destinations. Trekking more than 1 day, we sleep in tents supplied by Kedah Rainforest Lodges near rivers or creeks. Please be aware, that climate is very humid and there will be almost daily short-term heavy rains.
For expeditions, longer than 3 days, you should be in very good physical condition! Check first with your doctor!
All expeditions will be in pristine rainforest at high humidity, daily rainfalls, climbing very steep hills.

You are guided by Mr. Jally, in the past obvious the most famous guide in Gunung-Leuser area, educated, trained and certified.
Each tourist will be accompanied by 2 porters.
Possible Routes
To Gunung-Leuser peak (3.404m) (appr. 10-11 days)
Starting at our lodge at an altitude of 1.400m, first 3 days through pristine rainforest with dense vegetation, up and downhill at altitudes between 1.000m and 2.700m. Night-camps near rivers. From 4-7 days, we move at altitudes more than 3.000m in alpine areas, with alpine vegetation. Usually we reach the peak of Gunung Leuser on the 7 days, depending on weather. Return to lodge in 3-4 days.
To Gunung Kemiri peak (3.314m) (appr. 5 days)
2 hours trip with minibus to starting-point in Alas-valley. At an altitude of 740m, we start through pristine rainforests, with big chances to see Orang-Utan, Gibbon, Siamang, tracks of tigers, reptiles, birds and beautiful nature. After 2 days we reach the alpine areas with lesser and smaller trees, but beautiful views of West Sumatra and the Indian Ocean. The summit will be reached usually on the third day, depending on weather.
To West-coast of Sumatra (city of Tapaktuan, appr. 28 days)
A demanding expedition through highland rainforests, alpine areas, lowland rainforests, swamps, showing the huge biodiversity of Gunung-Leuser Eco System as well as several ethnic population on North West Sumatra. For this expedition you should be in excellent physical condition and willing and able to impose privations upon oneself.
Combinations Ttrekking and Rafting/kajaking - possible on request
Special targets according to demand of tourists as for Orang-utan, Tiger, Elephants, Rhino, Birding, Flowers, Orchids.
Routes, period, schedule, time, price on request, to be negotiated prior to arrival and contract or email us.
Rafting and kajaking is possible on the Alas river from the village of Angasan down to the city of Gelombang, close to the Indian ocean. In the upper areas of the Alas several rapids are demanding a good performance. The boat is passing pristine rainforest and many wildlife can be seen, especially monkeys and a big variety of beautiful rich coloured birds.

From Kutacane to Gelombang the water is rather quite and we call this part of the trip jungle-Safari. Nevertheless also great scenery is shown. On rafting-trips longer than one day we sleep in tents on the shore of Alas river, having BBQ and playing guitar in the evenings.
Transfer from Medan as well as from Banda-Aceh to Kedah Rainforest Lodges in Minibus or offroader IDR 1.300.000,- per trip including one night accommodation in Takengon or Gurah. One trip can carry up to 4 tourists.
IDR 150.000,-/night/person including breakfast and dinner.
Trekking 1 Day : IDR 180.000,-/person, regardless of participants, max. 5 persons.
Trekking 2-3 Days : IDR 350.000,-/person/day, regardless of participants, max. 5 persons (including porters).
Expedition to Gunung Leuser peak approximately 10 days, as per description
1 participant : IDR 10.000.000,-/person
2 participants : IDR   7.500.000,-/person
3 participants : IDR   5.500.000,-/person
4 participants : IDR   4.500.000,-/person
5 participants : IDR   4.000.000,-/person
Expedition to Gunung Kemiri peak, approximately 5 days, as per description
1 participant : IDR   5.000.000,-/person
2 participants : IDR   3.700.000,-/person
3 participants : IDR   2.700.000,-/person
4 participants : IDR   2.300.000,-/person
5 participants : IDR   2.000.000,-/person
Rafting - Please use the form if you have any request
Exchange rates depend on daily actuality. For your understanding and disposition we mention here the average rates:
US$ 1,- appr. IDR 9.000,-
Euro 1,- appr. IDR 11.000,-
All payments locally done should be in IDR.
All payments and transfers must be done prior to program.
Credit cards are not accepted since modern banking and internet systems are not available in Gunung-Leuser-Area




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