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Jembrana is the least popular region in Bali, barely visited by tourists. Most of the land is covered by the forested highlands of Bali’s National Park. The villages have fresh air, partly due to the mass of flowering bushes.

Jembrana Regency is located in the western of Bali with Negara as the capital city. It consists of 4 sub-districts: Melaya, Mendoyo, Pekutatan, Negara and divided into 51 villages/ administrative villages.

Jembrana covers 841,8 square km of land. Total population is more than 220.000 people with the average density is 261 people square km. Most of the people are living in agriculture sector and the income is derived primarily from coconut plantations, coffee, cloves, and vanilla crops.

Jembrana is possibly the most ethnically heterogeneous regency in Bali. The Loloan area is inhabited by a Malay-speaking people of Bugis descent. There are also many Balinese Christians and definitely plenty of traditional Balinese communities, mainly in the rice-growing areas of the regency.
Jembrana regency comprises two main regions: a large mountainous area in the north which is part of The West Bali National Park and the coastal area in the south. The sand on the coastline is mostly volcanic, but there are also many beautiful white coral beaches especially at Medewi. Southern Jembrana also has some of the most beautiful rice terraces on the island.
Places of Interest
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