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Home > Article > Top 10 Romantic Valentine's Gift
Top 10 Romantic Valentine's Gift
Happy Valentine Day
Valentine's Day is one special day where we get to show our loved one exactly how much we love him/her. Show your love with a special gift that comes from the heart and will last a lifetime. Following are 10 of the best both inexpensive and expensive. But remember that Valentine's Day is not about money, it is about sharing your love with one another.
1. A handmade Valentine's Day Card
  A handmade card says much more and it will let your partner know exactly how much they mean to you.
2. Fresh Flowers
  You could have them delivered to his/her office. It would be more romantic, if you give a single red rose with a ring attached to it.
3. Chocolates
  Personalized chocolates are all the rage on Valentine's Day.
4. A romantic Candle Light Dinner
  Cook his/her favorite meal, light some candles, and put on some romantic music.
5. Love Songs CD
  Put together a compilation of both your favorite love songs in CD for her/him as a gift.
6. Say it with words
  Write him/her a poem about how much he/she means to you. If you cannot write a poem, give him/her a book of poetry instead.
7. Picture perfect
  Have a favorite photo of the two of you and put onto a nice frame.
8. Lingerie
  This one is for both of you to enjoy.
9. Jewelry
  A heart locket with a picture of the two of you inside or a piece of jewelry with a message on it.
10. Plane tickets to Paris
  The memory of your romantic days in the city of love will definitely last a lifetime
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