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Home > Article > The History of Sa’i, Zamzam Water, Mecca, and Ka’bah
The History of Sa’i, Zamzam Water, Mecca, and Ka’bah
Selamat Hari Raya Idul Adha
Since he was young, Ibrahim always sought a personal relationship with his creator. He believed that there is only one God. He left his native city (Ur) in Mesopotamia after voicing opposition to his people's polytheistic beliefs, and eventually settled in Egypt with his family. Later, he escorted one of his wives, Hajar, and their infant son Ishmail, to a deserted valley in Arabia and left them there, trusting in God's promise to care for them.

Hajar, concerned about feeding her baby, began searching the surroundings for food and water. She saw a water spring around Marwah hill from the distance. But by the time she got there, there was no water. Again, she saw a water spring around Safa hill, but by the time she got there, there was no water either. She ran from Safa to Marwah back and forth for 7 times in searching for water. Finally;p she collapsed beside Ishmail and prayed to ALLAH for deliverance. Ishmail struck his foot on the ground and this caused a spring of water to gush forth from the earth. Hajar and Ishmail were saved.

Now Hajar and Ishmail had a secure water supply they were able to trade water with passing traders for food and supplies. In time, the traders decided to settle in the little valley, and eventually the settlement grew into the city of Mecca.

Years later, Ibrahim returned. When Ishmail was about 13 years old, he and Ishmail constructed the Ka’bah, an empty cube-shaped building, as a place dedicated for the worship of the one God.

Eventually, Mecca became an important trading post by the time of Prophet Muhammad, 2500 years later.
The act of Hajar running from Safa to Marwah back and forth for 7 times, is one of the principal rites of Hajj and is called sa’i.
The spring which miraculously gushed forth at Ishmail's feet never stops gushing and continuously gushing for thousands of years up to now, called Zamzam water.
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