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David Schwimmer
Name : David Schwimmer
Height : 6' 2" (187 cm)
Date of Birth : 12 November 1966
Place of Birth : Astoria, New York, USA
Tall, dark-haired, and lanky, David Schwimmer was born in Queens, but later raised in Southern California, where he attended the famed Beverly Hills High School. He then enrolled in Chicago's Northwestern University to pursue his family's traditional profession and becoming a lawyer, but by that time he fell for acting and was committed to it.

In 1989, he made his first break into Hollywood when he was cast as a killer in TV thriller A Deadly Silence. One of his best-known early TV roles was as hippie fiancé in The Wonder Years. In NYPD Blue, he garnered critical acclaim for his portrayal of a lawyer who goes over the edge and becomes a vigilante.

Schwimmer then accepted the role of Ross in Friends, a role that was wrote especially for him. The series, about a group of good-looking, but rather aimless buddies in their twenties, was an immediate hit and Schwimmer's lovable nerd character made him a star and got him an Emmy nomination for Best Supporting Actor in a Comedy Series.

With his newfound stardom came offers for feature film roles. He made his debut as a star playing a virtual clone of Ross in the Pallbearer (1996). He played a dramatic role as one of the inventors of silicon breast implants in television docudrama Breast Men (1997). Schwimmer also signed a lucrative contract with Miramax that will not only star him in several pictures, but also allow him to direct.
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