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Donal Logue
Name : Donal Logue
Real Name : Donal Francis Logue
Height : 5' 11" (180 cm)
Date of Birth : 27 February 1966
Place of Birth : Ottawa, Ontario, Canada
The son of Irish immigrants, Donal Logue was born in Ottawa, Canada, on 27 February 1966. Raised in the United States, Logue enrolled to Harvard where he studied history. Although Logue had long desire to be a writer, a period of time at the British American Drama Academy in London strengthened his interest in acting.

Logue got his first breakthrough in the early '90s, when he won a small role in Sneakers (1992). He then took supporting roles in films ranging from Little Women (1994) to Diabolique (1996).

In 1999, Logue turned in a scene-stealing performance as a slob L.A. limo driver with undeveloped acting ambitions in The Big Tease. High appreciation finally came his way the next year, when he starred in The Tao of Steve. A cynical comedy about a late twenty slacker whose dating philosophy allows him to win over the ladies. The film was a huge success at the 2000 Sundance Festival, where Logue was awarded a Special Jury Prize for Outstanding Performance.

The appreciation continued in the following years when Logue appeared in no less than six films, including the summer blockbuster The Patriot (2000).
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2006 The Groomsmen
2005 Just Like Heaven
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2000 The Million Dollar Hotel
2000 The Patriot
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1999 Runaway Bride
1999 The Big Tease
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Sundance Film Festival
2000 Special Jury Prize for Outstanding Performance (Tao of Steve)
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