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Jet Li
Name : Jet Li
Real Name : Li Lian Jie
Height : 5' 6" (167 cm)
Date of Birth : 26 April 1963
Place of Birth : Beijing, China
The youngest of two brothers and two sisters, Jet Li was born on 26 April 1963 in Beijing, China. His father passed away when he was just two years old. As child, Li was assigned to the wushu class. At the age of eight, he won the first place on a wushu competition and was given the honor to perform at the Pan-Asian-African-Latin American Table Tennis Championships, and received personal praise from Premier Zhou Enlai.

Li then attended to a rigorous sports school where the students were put through a full training for an important goodwill tour of the United States. The journey went well and gave Li a brand new sense of independence. Winning the All-China Youth Championships upon his return to China provided Li with his first national championship title.

In 1979, Li broke into the world of film with an exciting performance in Shaolin Temple. His acting career continued with such hits as the Once Upon a Time in China (1991) and the Fong Sai-Yuk series in 1993. Due to his charm and unmatchable moves, Li gained fans in both the young and old audiences that augmented his remarkable celebrity status

Li’s first breakthrough in American films began with his role as the villain in Lethal Weapon 4 (1998) and continued with more amiable roles in Romeo Must Die (2000), Kiss of the Dragon (2001) and The One (2001). Soon after starring alongside an impressive Chinese cast for Hero in 2002, Li returned to US film alongside DMX in Cradle to the Grave (2003).

Jet Li’s lightning-fast moves, friendly sense of humor, and sincere concern for his fans have made him one of the most respected actors in martial arts cinema.
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1998 Lethal Weapon 4
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1997 Black Mask
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