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Faith Hill
Name : Faith Hill
Real Name : Audrey Faith Perry
Height : 5' 9" (175 cm)
Date of Birth : 21 September 1967
Place of Birth : Jackson, Mississippi, USA
Faith Hill was born on 21 September 1967, in Jackson, Mississippi, and grew up in the nearby small town of Star. She started singing at age three and first performed publicly at age seven. At age 17, she formed a band that played local rodeos. At age 19, she quit college and moved to Nashville to pursue her ambition to become a singer.

Faith worked selling T-shirts before she was married to music executive Dan Hill. She then was hired as a secretary at a music publishing firm and became a demo singer for the firm after the company head Gary Morris heard her singing. She also performed as a backing vocalist for singer/songwriter/ producer Gary Burr and landed a recording contract with Warner Brothers after one of the executive saw her performance at a Nashville club.

In late 1993, Faith released her debut album, Take Me as I Am. Her lead single ‘Wild One’ shot at number one of the country charts for four weeks in early 1994, making her the first female country singer in 30 years to top the charts for that long. Her next singles, ‘Piece of My Heart’ and ‘Take Me as I Am’ also hit number one. The album itself sold over two million copies.

After undergoing surgery on her vocal cords, Faith released her second album, It Matters to Me, in 1995. The song ‘It Matters to Me’ became her fourth number one country single, which was followed by several Top Ten hits. The album sold over three million copies.

After touring with Tim McGraw for the Spontaneous Combustion Tour, Faith married McGraw on 6 October 1996. Their first daughter, Gracie Katherine, was born in May 1997. Their duet ‘It's Your Love’ hit number one of the country charts for six weeks.

In 1998, Faith returned with her third album, Faith. By the time the single ‘This Kiss’ hit the top of country charts for three weeks and hit number seven at pop chart, Faith gave birth to her second daughter, Maggie Elizabeth. Her next two singles, ‘Just to Hear You Say That You Love Me’ and ‘Let Me Let Go’, hit number one country. The album reached the Top Ten and sold over five million copies.

In late 1999, Faith released her fourth album, Breathe. The single ‘Breathe’ hit the top of the country charts for six weeks, hit number two of pop charts, and became the biggest hit of the year 2000. Her next single, ‘The Way You Love Me’ hit the top of country charts and ‘There You'll Be’ hit number one Adult Contemporary charts. Both singles also hit the pop Top Ten. Her next single ‘Let's Make Love’ also hit the Top Ten country charts. The album sold over seven million copies and earned her several award nominations.

Faith then spent much of 2001 taking a break and spending time with her third daughter, Audrey Caroline. In 2002, she returned with her fifth album, Cry. The single ‘Cry’ earned her the Best Female Vocal Performance at Grammy 2003. In August 2005, she released her sixth album, Fireflies, and her single ‘Mississippi Girl’ hit the top 5 of Billboard's country chart.
2005 Fireflies
2002 Cry
1999 Love Will Always Win
1999 Breathe
1998 Faith
1995 It Matters to Me
1994 Take Me As I Am
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