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Trisha Yearwood
Name : Trisha Yearwood
Real Name : Patricia Lynn Yearwood
Height : 5' 8" (173 cm)
Date of Birth : 19 September 1964
Place of Birth : Monticello, Georgia, USA
Trisha Yearwood was born on 19 September 1964 in the small town of Monticello, Georgia, and grew up on a farm owned by her father, who was also a well-known local banker. As a child, Trisha was fond of Elvis Presley and performed in musicals, vocal groups, and talent shows while in school.

Trisha enrolled at the University of Georgia, but she transferred to the music business program at Belmont College in Nashville in 1985. She worked as an internship with MTM Records and soon became a backing vocalist of Garth Brooks. She also appeared on Garth Brooks' debut album and No Fences.

In 1990, Trisha landed a record contract with MCA. Her debut album was released in 1991, and the single, ‘She's in Love With the Boy’, shot to the top of the country charts. Three more singles from the album, ‘Like We Never Had a Broken Heart’, ‘That's What I Like About You’, and ‘The Woman Before Me’ reached the Top Ten.

After touring as Garth Brooks' opening act, Trisha gained huge exposure and became the first female country singer ever to sell a million copies of her debut album. Trisha’s next album, Hearts in Armor (1992) was released during her divorce to Christopher Latham. Her two singles, ‘Wrong Side of Memphis’ and a duet with Don Henley ‘Walkaway Joe’, reached the Top Five. Like her previous album, it also went platinum.

After releasing her Christmas album, The Sweetest Gift (1994), Trisha wed Robert Reynolds, bassist of Mavericks. She then released her fourth album, Thinkin' About You (1995), another hugely popular collection. The album was more adult contemporary-style country-pop, a trend that continued on Everybody Knows (1996). The single ‘Believe Me Baby (I Lied)’ hit the top chart, and ‘Everybody Knows’ also reached the Top Five.

In 1997, Trisha released her first compilation, Songbook: A Collection of Hits, which became her first album to top the country charts and also reached the pop Top Five. Her duet with Garth Brooks, ‘In Another's Eyes’, hit number two, and ‘Perfect Love’ hit number one. She also recorded ‘How Do I Live’, the soundtrack of Con Air which was nominated for Best Song in Academy Awards. The song also reached number two on the country charts.

That same year, Trisha won Female Vocalist of the Year awards from the Country Music Awards and won Academy of Country Music Awards in 1998. She also won her first solo Grammy for ‘How Do I Live’.

In 1998, Trisha released her next album, Where Your Road Leads, featuring ‘There Goes My Baby’, ‘Powerful Thing’, and ‘I'll Still Love You More’ which reached the Top Ten.

Following her broke up with Reynolds, she released Real Live Woman (2000), a more personal album that reflected some of her heartbreak. Though not making any big hits, the album sold fairly well. In 2001, Trisha returned with Inside Out, featuring the Top Five hit ‘I Would've Loved You Anyway’, which was followed by Jasper County (2005).

After being proposed by Garth Brooks in front of thousands spectators at his concert, Trisha married Garth Brooks on 10 December 2005.
2005 Jasper County
2001 Inside Out
2000 Real Live Woman
1998 Where Your Road Leads
1996 Everybody Knows
1995 Thinkin' About You
1994 Sweetest Gift
1993 Song Remembers When
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