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Enrique Iglesias
Name : Enrique Iglesias
Real Name : Enrique Miguel Iglesias
Nick Name : Quique, E, Kike, EI,
Super Nova
Height : 6' 2" (188 cm)
Date of Birth : 8 May 1975
Place of Birth : Madrid, Spain
Enrique Iglesias was born in Madrid, Spain, where he lived with his mother, his brother Julio, and his sister Chabeli. In 1982, his mother sent them to live in Miami with their multimillion-selling singer father, Julio Iglesias.

Enrique’s career started when he was attending Gulliver Private School. He made his singing debut in a production of Hello, Dolly, and kept on practicing his singing without his parents knowing. After a year studying business at the University of Miami, he decided to pursue his passion for music. Not wanting to use his family name, he sent his demo tapes in 1995 as Enrique Martinez. He finally told his parents after getting a record deal.

Enrique’s album debut, Enrique Iglesias (1996), sold more than a million copies in just three months. His second album, Vivir (1997), sold more than five million copies and led to his first world tour as an opening act in concerts of Elton John, Bruce Springsteen, and Billy Joel.

In just three years, Enrique had sold more than 17 million Spanish-language albums. In 1996, he won Grammy for Best Latin Performer, Billboards for Artist of the Year and Album of the Year, two American Music Awards, a World Music Award, as well as numerous awards around the world.

His first album in English, Enrique (1999), sold more than 23 million worldwide and earned him gold or platinum status in 32 countries. After releasing Escape (2001), Enrique released the ballad collection Quizás (2002) and Seven (2003).

Enrique once said there is one thing that will never change: his striving for that next great song and next great album. "That's the challenge, that's the fun," he said. "That's what will always drive me. I keep having to prove myself."

(source: Ed Nimmervoll, All Music Guide)
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