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Home > Entertainment > Movies > Movies C > Christmas in the Clouds
Christmas in the Clouds
Title : Christmas in the Clouds
Cast : Tim Vahle, Sam Vlahos, MariAna Tosca, M.Emmet Walsh, Graham Greene, Sheila Tousey, Rosalind Ayres, Rita Coolidge, Lois Red Elk, Jonathan Joss
Producer : Mitchell Stein, Kate Montgomery
Director : Kate Montgomery, Catherine Montgomery
Genre : Comedy, Romance
Duration : 97 mins
Back from the city, Ray is the new manager of his band's struggling ski resort. Convinced that the hotel's beautiful guest is an incognito critic for the exclusive Worthington Travel Guide, he sets out to garner a good review. But the guest- actually a Mohawk Indian has her own agenda: she's come to the reserve hoping to find the man with whom she's been exchanging romantic emails. When she mistakenly confuses the over solicitous Ray for her amorous pen pal, the comedy of errors kicks into high gear.

Especially when the real critic arrives and encounters the hotel's vegetarian chef who whips up fabulous meals for his guests, then kills their appetites by telling them the pet names and life stories of the animals they are eating. Add to the mix chambermaids who insist on bringing their children to work, a resident handyman who constantly hits on the ski bunnies and Ray's father, the retired Chief, who just wants to win the new Jeep Cherokee at the big holiday bingo.
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