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Home > Entertainment > Movies > Movies D > Double Take
Double Take
Title : Double Take
Cast : Orlando Jones, Eddie Griffin, Gary Grubbs, Daniel Roebuck, Sterling Macer, Benny Nieves, Garcelle Beauvais, Andrea Navedo, Edward Herrmann, Shawn Elliott
Producer : David Permut, Brett Ratner
Director : George Gallo
Genre : Drama, Crime, Adaptation, Comedy, Action
Duration : 95 mins

Banker Daryl Chase (Orlando Jones) suddenly on the run and having to switch identities with low-life petty thief Freddy Tiffany (Eddie Griffin). Until now Daryl's led a charmed life. But everything is turned upside down when he is framed for laundering millions for a Mexican drug cartel. Wanted by the FBI and seeing no other alternative, he makes a run for the border under an assumed name to find the one man who can clear his name. Comedy and chaos collide when, to his horror, he discovers that his new alias, Freddy, is much higher on the fugitive food chain of Most Wanted criminals than he is. In this "Trading Places" for the new millennium, Daryl finds himself in double trouble from a triple threat: He's one man with two names, fleeing from the cartel, the law and a little dog, too!

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