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Home > Entertainment > Movies > Movies E > Empire Of The Wolves
Empire Of The Wolves
Title : Empire Of The Wolves
Cast : Jean Reno, Olivier Martinez, Jocelyn Quivrin, Arly Jover, Laura Morante, Philippe Bas, David Kamenos, Philippe du Janerand, Vincent Grass, Jean-Michel Tinivelli
Producer : -
Director : Chris Nahon
Genre : Foreign, Adaptation, Action, Thriller
Duration : - mins
A series of murders are investigated in Paris' Turkish community. In a steel-gray Paris, Anna is losing her memory. She can identify the face of Abe Lincoln but not a photo of her own husband of eight years, Laurent. He and neurologist Dr. Ackerman urge her to have a biopsy, but she refuses. Instead, she picks shrink Mathilde out of the phonebook in search of a solution to her condition.

Elsewhere, idealistic young cop Capt. Paul Nerteaux is fishing a third mutilated Turkish woman's body out of the Paris sewers. Paul enlists the help of Schiffer, a disgraced cop who patroled Paris' Little Turkey district for 20 years. Nobody on the force cares if a few illegal Turkish seamstresses have been tortured and carved up, but Paul's mom was murdered when he was a boy and since he can't catch her killer, he's determined to catch this one. Neither Anna or Paul know what lies ahead for them.
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