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Home > Entertainment > Movies > Movies F > Fan Fan La Tulipe
Indonesian Version
Fan Fan La Tulipe
Title : Fan Fan La Tulipe
Cast : Perez, Penelope Cruz, Didier Bourdon, Micheller Muller
Producer : -
Director : Gerard Krawczyk
Genre : Action, Adventure, Romance, Comedy
Duration : - mins
In a charming little country called France, in the mid-18th century, people were happy. The women were easy and men got on with their favourite sports: war. The only royal sport where the people got to play a part.

To escape being forcibly wed, Fanfan, a young adventurer and admirer of feminine charms, joined the army of Louis XV.

To encourage him to enlist, Adeline, the striklingly beautiful daughter of the recruiting sergeant, predicted that glory awaits Fanfan in the armed forces and that the King’s daughter would be his.

By amazing coincidence, on the way to join his unit in Aquitaine, fanfan comes to rescue of a royal carriage under attack from highwaymen. Having put the bandits to flight, Fanfan discovers that the carriage’s passengers are none other than the royal mistress Madame de Pompadour and Henriatte, the sovereign’s daughter.

Fanfan gets a little carried away, believing this to be a sign that Adeline’s predictions will come true.

Just when the absurdity military strategy, his own enthusiasm and many other adventures seem to have dashed his grandiose dreams, Fanfan puts his life on the line to foil a diabolical plot. His rewards is glory, unexpected love and the certainly that man can indeed be the master of his own destiny.
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