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Home > Entertainment > Movies > Movies F > From Hell
Indonesian Version
From Hell
Title : From Hell
Cast : Johnny Depp, Heather Graham, Ian Holm, Robbie Coltrane, Jason Flemyng, Lesley Sharp
Producer : Artur Brauner
Director : Allen Hughes
Genre : Thriller
Duration : 110 mins
The movie shows how the serial killer Jack the Ripper stalked the dark streets of 1888 London, slaying prostitutes and crudely dissecting their bodies. Based on the graphic novel written by Alan Moore and Eddie Campbell, this moody chiller is directed by twin brothers Albert and Allen Hughes (MENACE II SOCIETY, AMERICAN PIMP). Johnny Depp stars as Inspector Frederick Abberline, who smokes heavy doses of opium and drowns himself in absinthe to evoke hallucinatory visions that are his clues to catching The Ripper. Heather Graham costars as the prettiest of the whores, who wins the muted affections of the Inspector. With plenty of atmosphere and spooky effects, FROM HELL borrows scenery, filming tricks, and sequesnce construction from a host of popular movies, resulting in a visually interesting if inconsistent style. Haunting nightime shots of the London skyline (actually Prague) bleed into shadowy Tim Burton-like shots of the damp cobblestone streets, aerial camerawork contrasts with crowded ground level focuses, and the camera peeks around corners and into foggy windows with stealthy curiosity. What may stand out most in viewers minds after the carnage is through, is the exaggerated use of surround-sound, which brings a dreadful sense of realness to the film's gore, making FROM HELL all the juicier.
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