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Home > Entertainment > Movies > Movies G > Gathering
Indonesian Version
Title : Gathering
Cast : Christina Ricci, Ioan Gruffudd, Stephen Dillane, Kerry Fox, Harry Forrester
Producer : Pippa Cross, Peter Samuelson, Marc Samuelson
Director : Brian Gilbert
Genre : Horror, Thriller
Duration : 100 mins
.A freak accident at Glastonbury unearths on ancient buried church. Shrouding the find in secrecy , Luke Fraser, a priest working for the Church call in art expert Simon Jackman. Entombed between the buried church’s walls, a mural of the Crucifixion has been discovered, captured from a new and disturbing perspective instead of the image of Christ, it shows the sinister faces of those who gathered to watch his dead.

Meanwhile Simon’s wife Marion is driving through a sleepy village when she accidentally knocks down a young American backpacker. In hospital no clues can be found to help identity this lost stranger and all she can remember is her name, Cassie Grant. Marion decides to take Cassie home and is delighted when she immediately gets on well with her young stepchildren,Emma and Michael, a deeply troubled child.

Exploring the town, Cassie is befriended by fellow tourist Dan Blakeley, but is frequently disturbed by disorienting visions and hallucinations, and by sinister strangers who seem to be following her.

Cassie’s foreboding focuses on Fred Argyle, an intimidating loner with a troubled past , related to a scandal at Lime Court, the former children’s orphanage where Simon, Marion and the children now live.

Luke is increasingly sure that the mural is a warning of pending disaster and his proof is found in pictures of various disasters and assassinations throughout history featuring the same sinister faces among the crowds gawking at catastrophe. Simon remains unconvinced until Cassie sees his photos of the mural and points out the very same faces the she has seen in the village.

Luke’s superiors decide that the mural must be reburied that there is no place for its grim message in the modern world. As he sets off to give Simon the news, Luke is observed from a bridge by three of the figures we know from the mural.

On hearing of his death, Simon is shown Luke’s research by the Bishop and is shocked not only by the findings, but by the realisation of the truth in Cassie’s insistence that the sinister figures are gathering in town.
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