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Home > Entertainment > Movies > Movies G > Good Advice
Indonesian Version
Good Advice
Title : Good Advice
Cast : Charlie Sheen, Angie Harmon, Denise Richards
Producer : -
Director : Steve Rash
Genre : Comedy
Duration : - mins
Hot shot Wall Street deal maker Ryan Turner has a plan to strike it rich. But his big chance at a huge deal is gigantic bust and he loses everything. Totally down and out, he shacks up with his money hungry girlfriend, cynical writer of "Ask Cindy" advice column.

Once she realizes his cash is tapped and he is a lost cause, she hits the road for another man with ritcher prospects. With no job, no girlfriend and no single penny, Ryan gets a call from Cindy`s boss, Page who`s looking for today`s column. Desperate for a paycheck, he goes undercover, ghost writing for Cindy. Suddenly, he`s gone from fixing stocks to fixing hearts and he`s never been happier. The only person who knows his secret is his buddy Berry, a greedy plastic surgeon whose wife is Cindy`s snooping best friend Cathy. But when the column turns into a national sensation, everbody wants to know "Who`s Cindy?" Amidst a brewing romance with Page, the paper`s lovely editor, Ryan boils up a scheme to get back at those who wronged him and achieves more success than he`s ever dreamed of.
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