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Home > Entertainment > Movies > Movies J > Jomblo
Indonesian Version
Title : Jomblo
Cast : Christian Sugiono, Dennis Adishwara, Rizky Hanggono, Karenina, Nadya Saphira
Producer : -
Director : Hanung Bramantyo
Genre : Drama, Comedy
Duration : 104 mins
The story is about a journey to find a true love by four guys, Agus, Doni, Olip and Bimo, who lived and study in Bandung. It’s about love, commitment of love and asking what the responsibility of love is. All wrap in drama comedy genre, but not like slapstick comedy.

These four guys studied in the same faculty, civil engineering. Each of them had different way to give the meaning of love. First guy, Agus, is a kind of family oriented person. Making relationship is the way to make a happy marriage. A wife must have motherhood manner. It’s so idealistic.

Doni, a good looking pragmatism man, and known as a master of love and women eater. Sex is the most important thing in relationship.

Olip had different way to see what the love is. He always tried to find his real love, but too shy to show it. For three years he only kept his only love in his mind, and have no courage to say his feeling. And Bimo, a jerky and unattractive guy, but full of confidence. He always disappointed in love relationship, but never give up to find one.
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