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Home > Entertainment > Movies > Movies K > Kinky Boots
Kinky Boots
Title : Kinky Boots
Cast : Joel Edgerton, Chiwetel Ejiofor, Jemima Rooper, Linda Bassett, Nick Frost, Sarah-Jane Potts, Robert Pugh, Joanna Scanlan, Gwenllian Davies, Josh Cole
Producer : Nick Barton, Suzanne Mackie, Peter Ettedgui
Director : Julian Jarrold
Genre : Comedy, Foreign
Duration : 106 mins
Charlie Price thinks he has finally escaped the dead-end industrial town of Northampton with ambitious fiancée Nicola, when his father suddenly passes away, leaving Charlie unexpectedly in charge of the sinking family business in sturdy shoes. Trapped between a world of cheap knock-offs and to-die-for Jimmy Choos, Price & Sons seemingly doesn't need a manager so much as it needs a savior. With mounting dread, Charlie soon realizes that to even stay afloat he's going to have to lay off many of his dad's loyal, life-long employees. Then, one dark night in Soho, Charlie is literally smacked in the face with an idea that could bring the factory roaring back to life. When Charlie meets tough, tender Lola and her teetering high heels, everything changes. They might come from completely different walks of life, but both men have reached a point where they have nothing to left to lose by taking a risk. Deciding to buck tradition and boring loafers, Charlie sets out to conquer the brave new world of sexy cross-dressing footwear, with Lola as his fashion advisor. But it isn't just the assembly line that the disarming Lola transforms. As the make-or-break Milan fashion show approaches, everyone in the factory from the macho Don to the stalwart Mel to Charlie's "sole" confidante Lauren finds the unlikely dreams of Lola and Charlie catching fire.
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