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Home > Entertainment > Movies > Movies L > Land Of The Dead
Indonesian Version
Land Of The Dead
Title : Land Of The Dead
Cast : Simon Baker, Dennis Hopper, Asia Agrento, John Leguizamo
Producer : -
Director : George A. Romero
Genre : Action, Horror, Thriller
Duration : 93 Mins
In Romero's harrowing newest vision, the world (as humankind has known it) is merely a memory. In its place is the never ending nightmare existence of us the living versus them the "walkers."

Both the lofty heights of Fiddler's Green and the demoralizing lows of the city below are lorded over by a handful of ruthless opportunists, led by Kaufman (Dennis Hopper), who keeps his hands in everything. To bring food and other essential supplies to the occupants of the city, a hardened group of mercenaries headed by Riley (Simon Baker) and his second-in-command, Cholo (John Leguizamo) run retrieval missions outside the city, protected by their massive armored vehicle, Dead Reckoning. Riley and Cholo, like Kaufman, are in it for the money, which they hope to use for their own escapes Riley to the North, with promises of "a world without fences" and freedom, and Cholo to the luxury of Fiddler's Green, far away from the violent life he has known.

When Cholo commandeers Dead Reckoning, intent on extorting millions out of Kaufman and his cronies, Riley and his ragtag group including Slack (Asia Argento) and Charlie (Robert Joy) are called into action to stop Cholo and, in the process, protect the city and its population from the growing army of evolving zombies storming its weakening perimeter.
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