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Home > Entertainment > Movies > Movies W > Wolf Creek
Wolf Creek
Title : Wolf Creek
Cast : John Jarratt, Cassandra Magrath, Kestie Morassi, Nathan Phillips, Andy McPhee, Gordon Poole
Producer : Greg McLean, David Lightfoot
Director : Greg McLean
Genre : Horor, Thriller
Duration : 98 mins
Liz Hunter and Kristy Earl are twenty-something British backpackers in Broome, Western Australia, on a road trip with their Australian friend, Ben Mitchell. For them it's a time to cut loose, reconnect, and rediscover life, friendship, perhaps newfound love, and the countryside's astonishing visual beauty. Their journey begins full of energy, jokes, and a little urban myth-swapping about UFO sightings. These playful tales told one evening at a campaign spot by Ben rightly spook Liz and Kristy, however, they worry their experience pales in comparison to the impending terror which shreds their definition of fear shortly after reaching the 'Wolf Creek' National Park, a meteor impact site which is the attraction of many road-tripping tourists.

The trio spends a day at the site, its massive size a picture perfect setting for silence and rumination a calm before the storm; the handsome Ben even finds it an opportune time to make his move on Liz, who is more than receptive to his kiss. Ready to leave at dusk, they find their watches stopped, a peculiarity compounded by the fact that their car is not working either. As they relinquish themselves to spending the night within the vehicle's cramped confines, Liz spots some lights traveling toward them. Enter Mick Taylor, an affable brute of a man equipped with a warm grin, infectious laugh, and the means to tow the broken down vehicle back to his camp where he promises to get it up and running.

Back at his compound, Mick paints a bloody, vague portrait of his life as Liz, Kristy, and Ben settle in around a fire. Once a former vermin shooter, his position was considered archaic by his superiors. Now he lives in solitude surrounded by the husks of corroding vehicles and mining equipment. With the hour growing late, Mick continues his work on the car as Liz, Kristy, and Ben doze off, unaware that the morning will give rise to a feral struggle for survival. And the charming Mick Taylor persona they placed their confidence in is merely an unassuming shell for an unrelenting killer within.
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