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Home > Entertainment > Western Music & Lyrics > Don't Stop (Doin' It)
Freak Of Nature Title : Don't Stop (Doin' It)
Album : Freak Of Nature
Artist : Anastacia
Genre : Pop
Album Year : 2002
Duration : -
Don't stop doin' that thing you do
Ah ya sweet love is makin' me high
Don't stop givin' me all your love
I been waitin' for ya all my life
Yes you know i've been waiting
Don't stop, doin' it
Don't stop doin' it baby

Sho they comin' round
They feed me all of their lines, yeah
But i can't be messin' up no
Gotta love keepin' me satisfied
And baby what i see
Whenever i look at you
Is all i ever wanted in this world
And nothin' else is gonna do
Sing it on


Friends gotcha down
Oh they say you must be a fool
But there ain't nothin' no no
That i wouldn't do for you
Cause i'm out here on this road
Everynight and everyday
And i'm askin' just one thing
Don't you ever take your love away no


I'm giving you my all
I ain't gonna leave your side
I'll never let you fall
I won't be to far away
Anytime the night or day
So baby just call
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