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Home > Entertainment > Western Music & Lyrics > I Dreamed You
Freak Of Nature Title : I Dreamed You
Album : Freak Of Nature
Artist : Anastacia
Genre : Pop
Album Year : 2002
Duration : -
You walked in the room
and time was standing still
Knew you were my destiny
by the way you make me feel
Only you in my life
forever and today
You're everything I ever imagined my love could be
you're for me

Like the stars need a sky
and the river needs it's rain
Like an eagle needs his wings
and a fire needs a it's flame
Like the sun needs the day
And the night needs the moon
Like the air that I breath
that's how I dreamed of you
I dreamed you

It's hard to explain
but when you know you know
I was so amazed by you
you hand me and hallo
I need you in my heart
my body, mind and soul
And oh it took a moment to take my breath away
will you stay


You and I
Our love can't be denied no, no
There's nothing I can do
nothing I can say
My heart it always knew
That's how I dreamed of you

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