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Home > Entertainment > Western Music & Lyrics > Just Want You to Know
Never Gone Title : Just Want You to Know
Album : Never Gone
Artist : Backstreet Boys
Genre : Pop
Album Year : 2005
Duration : -
Lookin’ at your picture from when we first met
You gave me a smile that I could never forget
And nothing I could do could protect me from you that night
Wrapped around your finger, always in my mind
The days would blend ‘cuz we stayed up all night
You and I were anything, everything to me

I just want you to know
That I’ve be fighting to let you go
Some days I make it through
And then there’s nights that never end
I wish that I could believe
That there’s a day you’ll come back to me
But still I have to say
I would do it all again
I just want you to know…

All the doors are closing
I’m trying to move ahead
And deep inside
I wish it’s me instead
My dreams are empty
From the day, the day you slipped away


That since I lost you
I lost myself
No I can’t fake it
There’s no one else

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