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Home > Entertainment > Western Music & Lyrics > Western Music & Lyrics L
Western Music & Lyrics L
  Title Artist
Ladies In Da House Aaliyah feat. Missy
Larger Than Life Backstreet Boys
Last Christmas Hillary Duff feat. Lil' Romeo
Last Goodbye Atomic Kitten
Last Night Craig David
Last Night Justin Timberlake
Lead The Way Mariah Carey
Leave Me Alone M2M
Left Outside Alone Anastacia
Let Me Be Britney Spears
Let's Take A Ride Justin Timberlake
Light My Way Audioslave
Like A Child Backstreet Boys
Like A Rose A1
Like A Stone Audioslave
Little Voice Hillary Duff
London Third Eye Blind
Lonely Akon
Lonely Britney Spears
Lonely In Space Tata Young
Long Way To Go Gwen Stefani
Lookin' At You Ciara
Loose Rap Aaliyah
Lose It All Backstreet Boys
Losing A Whole Year Third Eye Blind
Losing Grip Avril Lavigne
Love Alone Trisha Yearwood
Love Doesn't Hurt Have To Hurt Atomic Kitten
Love Drunk Boys Like Girls
Love Don't Mean A Thing Deep Purple
Love For All Seasons Christina Aguilera
Love Is Alive Anastacia
Love Isn't Same Same
Love Just Is Hillary Duff
Love Left For Me M2M
Love Let Go Trisha Yearwood
Love Me Or Leave Me Trisha Yearwood
Love Was Here Usher
Love Will Find A Way Christina Aguilera
Love Won't Wait Atomic Kitten
Love Wouldn't Lie To Me Trisha Yearwood
Loverboy Mariah Carey
Loving Me For Me Christina Aguilera
Lucky Britney Spears
Luxurious Gwen Stefani
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