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Home > Entertainment > Western Music & Lyrics > Radar
Radar Title : Radar
Album : -
Artist : Eminem
Genre : -
Album Year : -
Duration : -
Hey mirror mirror
On the wall
Who is the greatest motherf*
Of them all?

Better yet, no you don't gotta answer that
Cause I know just who that is
Oh yes, that's me
Yeah yeah that's me

And I'm a record breaker cause I put in the time
Oh, I ain't got to fight for it cause it's already mine
Cause I've been around

I'm an amazing, courageous, fantastic, awesome guy
You know you can't keep me in your eyesight
Just for a moment you can call it a night

You're not in my radar
You're not in my radar
You're not even in my radar

I'm in my all black suit
Feeling like the James Bond
(I got so many chicks, they get my swagger, they want me to get with them yeah)

When I make my fingers go
You better know that means that I
That means that when you step up in this Porsche Carrera, better not touch anything, because

And I'm a record breaker cause I put in the time
On the test drive, come take a ride
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