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Home > Entertainment > Western Music & Lyrics > Whatever I Want
Confessions Title : Whatever I Want
Album : Confessions
Artist : Usher feat. Mike Jones
Genre : Pop
Album Year : 2004
Duration : -
If you, only knew (ha)
I already sized you up
Sittin next to me lookin so tough
And you're, fixin your hair runnin ya game
Telling me I only want one thing
Girl! Sincerity is what you need for now
In awhile I'll do the
And it's almost unfair to me
Whatchu want say baby you're ready to see

It's so clear to me,
Is it every word I hear you speak is
Whatever I wanna do
It's whatever I wanna do
Whatever I want I can do to you
Whatever I want I can do to you
Whatever you say it's just giving me
Whatever I want baby I can do
Whatever I want

You can't get enough conversation I feel your touch
You're losing point trying to play the role
Let's keep it cool not sexual
Girl I know how you feel
But you don't want it for real
It's whatever I wanna do
You don't even know what you've gotten into


It just ain't right
You're feeling so frustrated
You can't stop to feel love
Being this close to me
Girl you know that
Everything you need is right here,
Tonight (tonight), when we (when we), do what (do whatever), ever we want to (we want to)
(Oh yeah, whatever I want)

What, ever I want whatever I need
She'll do whatever it takes to give it to me
She don't trip don't talk cuz she know I'll kick her out
And when I get bored bring her back to my house
I'm Mike Jones! (WHO?) Mike Jones! (Jones)
That'll hit a chick quick and make her walk home
Because whatever I wanna do I'mma do to you
I'm a grown man I do what I wanna do
So until you figure it out I'm kickin ya out
Because I feel good single I don't need no spouse
I'm a bachelor who just got his bachelor's degree
So if pretty, sexy, and thick, come holla at me
281-330-8004 that's my cell phone number hit me up on the low
281-330-8004 that's my cell phone number hit me up on the low


(Whatever I want)
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